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Maya Angelou-
some of her
best at this site:
Piles of Books
Open Books
Barnes and noble 
Livingroom Shelves
Need to start
organizing your
home book 
collection and 
find new ones to 
add? If you don't
have a local 
library near you that holds book sales or a thrift's a good site that has many sought-out titles.
Happy Kids with Books
Kids Books:
Best Children's Books of All Time?  I'll make my own list soon... here's one to think about.

Literacy Life

my relationship with literacy

started long ago when my mother would read books to me daily. I have memories of her reading every day, whether it was a novel, a book on politics or the newspaper. 

I also had many wonderful teachers who developed my love for literacy early on in my life.

as I believe that reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out, i've been teaching reading and writing to children for the past 15 years, and continue to do so today.

This page will be dedicated to my current thoughts about literacy and some great links to support your journey as a reader & writer.

A question worth wondering... Are you more of a reader or a writer?

A little of both works best for me, but writing has always been my joy.

sunlight raise / summer reading list

So many great titles out there!

Here's a few I'm digging into this summer...

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